If you would like your home to be decorated with a drawing or painting of an animal other than your family pet, also feel free to contact me.

Dostępne są oryginalne prace zwierząt wykonane pastelami oraz artystyczne wydruki i magnesy.

The offer includes decorative elements for home made of epoxy resin, i.e .: pictures, trays, coasters and acrylic paintings, made with, for instance, pouring-art method and paintings with gilding.


I make drawings with pastels using professional materials from leading world producers.

The works show high resistance to the passage of time and permanent pigmentation. 

A specially dedicated, rough pastelmat paper with a weight of 360 g provides their high adhesion, thanks to which the pastel stays on it for decades. 

The technique I use allows me to obtain the natural softness of the animal's fur, which makes the drawing look very realistic. 

The multitude of applied layers make the works more durable and the colors blend in perfectly.

Stworzenie takiej pracy wymaga czasu, każdy rysunek pochłania kilkanaście, a nawet kilkadziesiąt godzin.


Acrylic paintings are a beautiful home decoration, they bring a lot of chic to our space, individualize it and emphasize the style of the interior.
You can find works on a variety of subjects, most often related to women and nature. 

Gilding is the unifying element of these works.
The style of works is quite modern, on the verge of realism. To create images, I use proven canvases and professional paints and materials.
I provide a certificate of authenticity to each work.


Epoxy resin works are a beautiful home decoration. 

Their uniqueness, colors, usability, and the multitude of design possibilities make it more and more popular to use in the interior design. 

When poured, the resin forms a beautiful mirror-like surface on the surface, it is hard and smooth with appropriate protection, resistant to scratches and high temperatures. 

In the offer you can find trays, coasters, kitchen boards, paintings, among others. 

Resin products are also a great idea for an elegant and unique gift. 

Feel free to follow the store. 


The pouring technique is gaining more and more popularity. It consists in spilling paints using a medium that liquefies acrylic paint. 

The images are unique, thus it is impossible to fully predict the end result, which of course has its pros and cons. Although the skilled artists use the technique allowing to obtain the desired effect. 

There are lots of possibilities for spilling paints, so there are multiple endless end results to be obtained.

The works will present themselves beautifully and highlight the character of any interior.